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Break Dancing Mania- Free Lesson

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Synchronize motor movements of a "break dancer" to keep in rhythm with light and beats. Correlate synchronicity of movements with imagination and creativity for real life confidence and team building.


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Guided Inquiry



Read through the student material in the LEGO® Education SPIKE App.

If you feel it's needed, plan a lesson using the getting started material in the app. This will help familiarize your students with LEGO©®Education SPIKE Prime.

Engage (5 min.)

Use the ideas in the Ignite a Discussion section below to engage your students in a discussion related to this lesson.

Use the video to explain the lesson.


Explore (20 min.)

Have your students work in pairs to build the "break dancer."

Ask them to experiment with timing, syncing the motion of the legs with the blinking light on the Hub.


Explain (5 Min.)

Talk about synchronizing movement.

Have your students add movement to the dancer's arms.


Elaborate (15 Min.)

Ask your students to add some beats that are in tune with their dancer's moves.

How many sounds can they sync?

Now have them program their dancers to move at regular intervals (e.g., every 30 seconds). Point out that this is meant to remind them to get up and dance!

Don't forget to leave some time for cleanup.



Give feedback on each student's performance.

You can use the assessment rubrics provided to simplify the process.


Learning Activities:

Start a discussion about the importance of moving and exercising throughout the day. Ask relevant questions, like:

1)How often should you stand up and move if you're spending a lot of time sitting down?

2)Does stretching and moving help burn calories?

3)What types of exercise could you do to keep moving?

4)Are you taking breaks throughout the day, do you sometimes forget?

5)Have your students watch this video to see what they're about to do.


Things to Sync

Syncing movement means that every move follows the rhythm. For example, everything takes one second to complete, which is often the case in music or dance. There are various things to sync in this lesson.

1) Movement of the legs

2) Movement of the arms

3) Blinking of the pixels on the Light Matrix

4) Different sounds and notes


Add More Functions
Adding a third motor and an Ultrasonic Sensor will give your students more things to sync. For example:

Movement of a third element or Blinking of the Distance Sensor Light