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Privacy Policy

To enable you to benefit fully from STEAM'N, we request information from you. By using STEAM'N you give full consent to the collection and use of such information. This may include, but is not limited to, details such as your name, language, areas of interest and other information that does not identify you.

STEAM'N does not collect nor share personal health information.

What Kind of Information We Collect

Shared Data

The information that we collect from members may be shared amongst the online community. This information may include biographical information, e.g. name, photograph, gender, and education.In the course of use this site, members may share information that could be used to reasonably identify them, including their name or a photograph.

Restricted Data

Some of the information that members enter into certain fields when registering to use the site will not be shared. This type of restricted data includes fields (a) email address and password, and (b) state/country. To ensure security and anti-fraudulent behavior of a users account, may store encrypted device location which is offered as an optional setting/preference in their interface. retains the right to comply with all applicable laws and regulations governing the sharing of restricted data with law enforcement and/or other government agencies.


A cookie is a small data file which includes a small about of information that is sent from a web server to your browser and stored on your computer’s hard drive. These cookies contain information about the internet sites you have visited. We may use cookies to store and sometime track information about you to facilitate personalization of the service we provide. If your computer browsers do not accept cookies, you may not be able to access some parts of our site.

How the Data is Used

Members should expect that all information submitted except for Restricted Data, maybe shared with other members of STEAM'N. Members are encouraged to share information through group discussion and social networking, but the more information that is entered, the more likely that a member could be located or identified. There are times where the shared and restricted data may be used and disclosed including but not limited to (a) When both type of data are search internally for research, maintenance and operation of the site, (b) may use a member’s data in the case of an emergency or circumstances, (c) may share or disclose information when required by the law or to comply with legal process.

Inclusion Description for Free or Purchased Digital Downloads

Contents of digital downloads include lesson descriptive content and/or any uploaded lesson projects files associated with each contributor lesson. makes no claim or copyright towards uploaded photos included in purchased digital downloads. Contributors and/or groups that have an active account establish full liability in any type of copyright infringement incurred on photographs, artificially generated images, or artificially created content they upload. Digital downloads do not include custom produced videos or Youtube video content that otherwise may be used for web presentation.


All information contributed to STEAM'N may be published unless otherwise stated herein.

Other Security Issues cannot guarantee the identity of any other members with whom a member may interact in the course of using the site or who may have access to a member’s shared data. Additionally, we cannot guarantee the authenticity of any information that is provided about any member of STEAM'N.

Risk and Benefits

While the main goal is to help people improve their heath literacy and outcomes, there are no certain benefits to using STEAM'N. Although keeping track of personal well-being and being educated on certain heath subjects have shown to be helpful.

There are also no know risks to using STEAM'N, but there is the possibility that users may feel uncomfortable sharing information online. It is possible that a member may be identified by sharing information on STEAM'N. A member could be discriminated against or experience as a result of the information that they shared. Anyone can become a member of STEAM'N and view the Shared Data in the system and it is possible that an employer, insurance companies may discriminate based on heath information depending if you are identified.

In using the site, members are free to skip non-required questions that make them feel uncomfortable. Members may also deactivate their account in the future using the feedback feature of STEAM'N if they wish to do so.

Modifications to this Agreement reserves the right to modify this Agreement at any time, and without prior notice, by posting amended terms on this Site. We encourage you to review this Agreement periodically for any updates or changes, which will have an update effective date.