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Cherry in a Snifter Glass

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A classic bar trick that can be used to teach students to observe the centrifugal force of nature.

Grade Level:


The students will be able to demonstrate centrifugal force by transporting a cherry into a bowl without touching the cherry.

Nutritional Objective:

(Insert Nutritional Obj. Here)


A Cherry (remove the stem)
(You can substitute Brussels sprout, olive, grape etc.)
A Snifter Glass
A small bowl

Learning Activities:

Place a cherry and the bowl on the table top as well as a snifter glass upside down.

Place the snifter glass over the cherry and spin the glass in a circular motion over the cherry. The cherry will begin to spin around the inner rim of the glass.

As the cherry is held in the glass by centrifugal force lift the snifter glass up (continue spinning) and hold the glass over the bowl. Stop spinning the glass and the cherry will drop into the bowl.

Another example of centrifugal force: You can use a bucket with a small amount of water in it. As you swing the bucket upside down the water will stay in the bucket.



Ask students how they can transfer the cherry into the bowl without touching the cherry with their hands.

 The sniffer glass must remain upside down on the table surface.  

They cannot scoop the cherry up with the glass. 


Discuss with students what happened.  When the cherry was traveling along the circular path at the right speed the centrifugal force held the cherry in place. Discuss and enjoy the nutritious snack of cherries.